Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kabukiza Theater

Do you know the Kabukiza Theater is going to close by this April?

It's going to be rebuilt for the reason of the deterioration, the earthquake-proof problem and the barrier-free.

Now, in the Kabukiza Theater," The good-by performance" is taking place from January, 2009 (last year).

In the Kabukiza Theater, there are 1600 seats, stage cartains of the theater is worthy special attention.
The Kabukiza uses 3 traditional colors;black , green and orange. Colorful curtain gives the audience the impression of traditional Japanese work.

It is said that the appearance design's going to succeed to the present Kabukiza Theater and the scale (the capacity and the stage size) is the same approximately.

Spring in 2013, new building's going to open.

(I took this picture last summer.)

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