Thursday, March 11, 2010

The largest camphor tree

This is the largest camphor tree growing in Japan.

The tree is known as Kamo no Kusu can be found in a Hachiman Shrine in Kamo-cho, in Kagoshima.
The Kamo no Kusu is approximately 30meters high and has a girth of 33.6meters.
Local people reckon the tree to be 2,000 years, but is officially said to be 1,500 years olds.

I took this picture when I went home for a Buddhist memorial service for my father last summer.

Although the residents of Atami can see the second largest camphor tree any time, probably it's your first time to see the largest camphor tree in Japan.

Japan's second largest and oldest kusunoki tree (camphor tree) stands in the left of the main shrine, Kinomiya Shrine, in Atami. This tree is thought to be about 2,000years old, and still healthy.

It is colossal 23meters in circumference and approximately 20-25meters tall.

And it is said to endowed with special powers such as making people healthy and safe from the ills, the gift of eternal youth and longevity. And also you can make whatever wish you like.

The next time you are in Atami why not take a short walk up to see the Kinomiya no Kusu?

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