Tuesday, April 27, 2010


In general, the first picking of the new tea leaves starts around this time of the year. Shizuoka Prefecture is the top district of producing tea. Bidding for “Fresh Tea” of the first product of the year is the important event for the people who concern tea business.

But this year, due to the low temperature and the lack of sun shine in March and April, tea leaves have not grown satisfactory, according to the TV news. People of tea market are very anxious if they could hold the initial bidding as usual year.

The photo was took three years ago when a couple and their new born baby from Europe came to Japan for their honey moon and experienced tea-picking in Nirayama, a neighboring town of Atami. It was middle of April, bit earlier for tea picking, but fortunately, tea trees grown in glass houses for tourism was available.

We do now expect the weather will be cleared up this week and onwards as otherwise, I am afraid, we may not be able to get delicious green tea this year.

In the middle part of Shizuoka, there spreads huge plantation of tea which is worth your visiting.

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  1. I've also heard the lack of sunlight in April for growing tea-leaves on the news.

    A lot of volunteers were helping the farmhouse.