Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cherry Blossom

Today's news said tha the cherry trees are in full bloom today in Tokyo.
(I took this picture 3 days ago, at Ueno.)

When the cherry blossom season arrive, people gather, taking food and drink with them and have boisterous parties.
Ueno is the most famous place to have cherry viewing parties.
From Edo period, 400years ago, blossom viewing caught on as a form of entertainment for ordinary townspeople.

Every spring, the cherry trees all over Japan burst into bloom.
More than 300 different varieties of flowering cherries grow around the country.
Somei-yoshino cherry trees only bloom for particularly short period of time, and their petals seem to start dropping almost as soon as thery've opened.

For over 1,000years, people in Japan have perceived the cherry blosssom to be the mirror of their sensibility.

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