Thursday, April 29, 2010


It is 1300 years after Nara became the capital of Japan.
Various events are performed now.
These photos were took at Muro-ji Temple which I visited last year in the northeastern part of Nara Prefecture.
Muro-ji Temple allowed women to visit, in contrast to Koya-san Kongobu-ji Temple in Wakayama prohibited the entrance of women to the temple.
So, Muro-ji Temple was called "Nyonin-Koya" or Koya Temple for Women.
I was impress with the beauty of the five-storied pagoda which is the second oldest one in Japan.
And I also excited to see the statues of Buddha that are national treasure.
I enjoyed to spend quiet time very much.

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  1. Good pictures!

    I've never been to Muro-ji(Muro Temple), but the pictures show me the beauty of it.