Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cormorant fishing

I went to Shikoku for my husband's class reunion.
One of his classmates lives in Oozu in Ehime Prefecture.
Oozu is famous for cormorant fishing.
I watched cormorant fishing for the first time.
Cormorant fishing is fshing that the cormorant fisherman makes a bonfire and gathers sweetfishes and fishes with cormorants in the summer.
The bottom photo is a photo of the fish which the cormorant caught.
I was very excited. Do you want to see it,too?


  1. The word "sweetfish" I foud it in the WEBSTER'S the third Dic. To my funny thing,
    "AYU" has a citizenship,it explains "AYU". It tells salmonlike anadoromous of Japan that is higly esteemed as a food fish.

    But how come "sweetfish" ?, I guess "AYU" like a smartweed very much, and "AYU" smells like water melons. So perhaps "sweetfish" comes from it's flavor of water melon. Of course this is my guess.

  2. >Noby
    The Wikipedia says....

    The name "sweetfish" is due to the sweetness of its flesh.