Friday, September 24, 2010

ATAMI ONTAMA NEWS   Opening event

“ONTAMA is an abbreviation for Onsen-Tamatebako which means Treasure box of Atami Onsen. 61 programs for pleasant experience will be held from 9th October till 14th November. Reference : Web-site of ONTAMA, Atami Tourist Association Tel 0557-85-2222, or Atami Guide Club Tel 0557-68-3930(week-days only).


Time:  9th October, Saturday, from 12:00

Place:   Nagahama Seaside Park in Taga, South Atami

Free of charge

Reservation not necessary

12:00~12:15   Opening Ceremony
12:20~12:50  Live by Itokawa-Ventures
13:00~13:30 Performance of the hula by Hula Harau O Hale Pume
14:00~15:30 Yoga on the beach
Anybody who has no experiences of Yoga and anyone of rigid body is welcomed. Let’s have the feeling of relationship between the nature and yourself and let's share worm and sweet time!            Poease be prepared with Yoga-mat or bath towel or sheet, face towel, beverage and anti-sunburn care. The same program of Yoga on the beach will be held on 24th October, Sunday, at Moon Terrace, next to Sun-Beach in downtown Atami.

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