Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pro-Japan couple from Singapore

We have been requested to guide AUTUMN of Atami in the afternoon on last Sunday.

On the very day, we all were happy as we could take photos of Mr. Fuji from Jikkoku Pass which is on the border of Shizuoka Pref. and Kanagawa Pref. Then we could enjoy the last autumn leaves of Baien Ume-Plum garden.

In the evening, I hope they could enjoy Japanese food and winter fire-works at the hotel on the coast.

One thing I feel very sorry is the weather the next day. In spite of their well preparation, it rained and was cold. I hope they were not struck by the cold or flu and their stay in Japan will be filled with lots of happy experiences!(Steam from the excess hot spring coming out of the well seems to be curious for them.)


  1. She's like a sight seeing press women, isn't she?

  2. She is a math teacher of a high school, seems to be a person with very accurate brain, doesn't she?