Sunday, February 27, 2011

Swapping the Fireworks poster of this year

We replaced the last year’s damaged fireworks poster with new one.A new poster is sandwiched in UV-treated acrylic board. The layout of exhibition space seems so fine. Why not have a look when you come down to Shimizucho.

Fireworks in 2011 as follows:
Spring 20:20~20:45
April 16 (Sat)
Summer 20:20~20:50
July 24(Sun),July 30(Sat),
Aug. 5(Fri),Aug.8(Mon),Aug.18(Thu).Aug.21(San),Aug27(Sat)
Autumn 20:20~20:45
Sept. 19 (Mon)
Winter 20:20~20: 45
Dec. 4 (Sun), Dec. 11 (Sun), Dec. 23 (Fri)

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