Monday, May 23, 2011

Moss-Covered Garden in Hakone

The rainy season has just began in southern Kyushu islands. It is 8days earlier than average year and 20 days earlier than last year. The first day of the rainy season will then go up north gradually. We love fine weather, of course, but all the plants are waiting for the rainy season.

The photo was taken yesterday at Hakone museum of art and we expect it will turn out more beautiful and fresh-greener when the rainy season begins.


  1. Hakone museum of art I've never been. So beautiful place isn't it? Ummm...Moss-covered garden so good. Coinsidentaly Horo my sweet not my sweat and I went to the Mos burger shop at Kannami first time. It's funny yesterday: Chie Moss-covered garden whereas Noby Mos burger shop.

  2. It's June 1st 2011 today.

    I hear that they have few foreign visitors in Hakone, but I think June is a good season for travelling Hakone.