Tuesday, September 27, 2016

In "Atami Baien" of the City Park, amaryllis (cluster amaryllis) is in full bloom.

The center of "Atami Baien" flowing river. Cluster Amaryllis bloom on the banks of the river, now it is the best time to see.Dark red color of the flower has sway in the wind.

This red flower is known as "Higanbana".Features of this flower is crimson smart petals extending long and thin.

Language of flowers, passion, independence, reunion, etc..

Until around the beginning of October it is blooming.In English, hurricane lily, it seems that the cluster amaryllis.

Beautiful, but there is a poison, danger. It is, it is similar to something! Mess around useless!

* Topics *
Throughout the year, in "Atami Baien" of the City Park, blooming various flowers, and will be a number of events to deploy.

Spring: "Atami Baien" plum Festival (early March from mid-January)
Summer: firefly of the evening (from the first week of June the second week
Fall: Fall leaves Festival (in early December from early November)
Winter: Atami Plum plum Festival (early March from mid-January)

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